Everything you need to know about Badshah’s new album

Everything you need to know about Badshah’s new album

Few days back Badshah announced his 2nd album, the power of dreams of a kid. And as the title says the songs of this album will be about the incredible journey of Badshah from the first time he wrote a rao when he was a kid to the star he is now. Already feeling inspired? Hold on because here are more details about this album which will give you some major goosebumps.

On 7th june Badshah announced his new album and

finally on 5th july he shared this stunning official artwork poster of the album. Then he kept on sharing some post related and on of them had this amazing

quote that said-

“Dreams farther than light-years for these people.  Dreams scarier than nightmares for these people.” 

Badshah also shared a beautiful and heartfelt teaser of the power of dreams of a kid where he was seen to have a heart to heart conversation with his mother. And if that doesn’t give you goosebumps I don’t know what will. 

“ Dekh na maa, Aa gaye kahan”, Badshah said.

Here is the link

This album has 8 songs in it and we will get to see some collabs as well. The collabs are with Lisa Mishra, Bali, Fotty Seven, Sikandar Kahlon. 

Now the main news is Badshah dropped his first song from this album,”Shuru” and how amazing and inspiring it is. It’s all lyrical so words are the main usp of this song. It’s about his journey and the ups and downs he had.

The link to the song is here below

Looking forward to more songs from Badshah.

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