Is Jogging With A Face Mask On Is Safe?

Is Jogging With A Face Mask On Is Safe?

Well after the Covid19 pandemic facemask has become a part of our habits and lifestyle. We use it every time we go out. Wearing a mask while going to shopping or pharmacy stores isn’t that much of a struggle but if you jog wearing a mask that can be a thing to discuss and whether it’s safe or not.

Not long ago, a Chinese man suffered from shortness of breath and had to undergo surgery where his condition worsened after a jog of 2.5 miles with the mask on in Wuhan city, the city of corona virus outbreak. Later it was reported that that man, who started jogging just a couple of weeks ago, suffered from a collapsed lung known by its medical term Pneumothorax. And this happens when air leaks outside the lungs. 

Earlier also two teenagers in different places reported to die while taking part in two distant physical examinations with the mask on. So now the question arises whether you should jog  with a mask on?

“Generally when people ask if they need to wear face masks while running outside, the answer to that question is that it depends where you are at”, says sports medicine specialist Dr.Catlin Lewis.

Dr. Lewis said, “As a general rule wear a mask while running in an area where maintaining social distancing is very hard. And if you are running a much less crowded place or in your neighbourhood where you hardly see a runner or a dog walker  you can remove your mask and run.”

But the most genuine advice would be you should jog or do any physical activity without a face mask on. Dr. Lewis said, “Because a face mask is going to decrease your airflow, making it a little harder to breathe.” 

Even if you are using a face mask on it has to be a mask with a valve which has an “expiratory port” so when one breathes out heavily while running the air resistance increases mildly, explained Dr. Ravi Shankar Jha, senior consultant and head of the department, pulmonology, Fortis Escorts Faridabad.

This means you may have a harder time catching your breath while running with the mask on. But never forget to monitor your run and especially your body. 

Monitor how you feel or having any issue while running with a face mask. It is very much important to know your body. 

Always lookout for:-

Chest pain.


Difficulty in breathing. 

If you are facing any of these then find a new place where there will be no one and you can jog without a face mask. 

So finally either you find a place where you can maintain social distance very well then you may remove your mask and jog or you wear a mask which lets the air resistance increase mildly. But never forget to monitor your body and never ever ignore what signals it’s giving. 

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