Photos That Can’t Be Explained!

Photos That Can’t Be Explained!

Ever since cameras came into the picture(market) there are several pictures(photos) that just can’t be explained. Science throughout the years has gotten better but still there are many photos which are out of their reach till today. So today we will be listing some of the photos which are beyond explanation. Let’s get started.


This picture was taken in 1964 by Jim Templeton of his daughter in English countryside. Well he believed he took his daughter’s photo only as no one else was around but when they looked at the image they found a figure like an astronaut turned up out of nowhere. 

Giant Sea Creature

French photographer Robert Serrec captured this image on the coast of Queensland in Australia in 1964(so many incidents in this year though). Here it seems to be a huge serpent swimming in the water. There is no real explanation of how this got here. Resembling an eel or tadpole, the creature is estimated to measure at a total of 80 feet long.Some argue that it is a fishing net, however, no other credible explanation has been given regarding the image.

Pickup Tree

This picture will be hard to explain no matter which way you wanna see it. Where you see a guy possessing very confidently in front of a tree which was holding a vehicle. The fun fact here is this vehicle belongs to him and unless he has any sort of superpowers it’s quite impossible to do that but seems like he wants us to believe he did this. 

Time Traveler

This photo was taken in 1941 in British Columbia. This man wearing the sunglasses appears to be from a completely different time than those surrounding him. He is the only one wearing sunglasses, and his camera is small and portable. Many believe this guy is a time traveller because of his modern looks and style.

Movements On Mars

Life on mars is a question that we have been debating for years now but it is found out that there is a lack of oxygen on Mars which prevents life from being there. These two images were taken by Mars rover in a gap of just 12 days and as you can clearly see the differences. Strange! Isn’t it?

Wait Is That A Cell Phone?

Here this famous picture shows a woman walking by a sign that was advertising the opening of the legend Charlie Chaplin’s film in the year of 1928. Seems pretty normal since you notice this lady was using a cell phone even before this technology was developed.

Falling Man

In the 50’s Cooper family moved to their new home and took a picture to celebrate. Well after the picture was developed they found out this falling figure behind them. Many of the locals believed that he was the former owner of that house.

Dinosaurus In Civil War

Dinosaurs believed to have walked on the earth millions of years ago and got extinct before humans took over. So isn’t it impossible to capture them together in one frame? But this isn’t the case here as it seems. Many claim this photo has been edited and altered, but others believe it to be real as they believe who would edit in that time!

Pyramid On The Moon?

This picture is said to be taken by Apollo 17, during a flight to the moon. Due to overexposure the picture had been too light to see. But if you look closely you can see a pyramid-like figure. 

So that’s it for today. Tell us in the comment section about your thoughts on this. 

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