Time Travelling Into The Future!

Time Travelling Into The Future!

We all have heard about this famous phenomena called time travelling. Some believe it is possible where some believe it’s not. Some believe we can go back to our past but not to our future because the future is still in the porecess, where some say just like we can travel to our past, we can go into the future as well because they believe time travelling works both ways. But still on one till now have discovered a proven way to make this happen. And there are events and people who claim they have experienced time travelling in reality. So today we are going to discuss about a guy from Sweden who claimed to experience this phenomenon known as time travelling. 

This is the story of Hakan Nordkvist and he claims that he has accidentally travelled into the future, to the year 2042. So in the month of August,2006 Hakan came home and found that his kitchen sink had flooded. He thought it was a leak so he went to grab some tools to fix it. So he said, “I had to crawl inside the cabinet and I did so, I discovered that it just continued. So I kept on crawling on further and further into the cabinet. In the end of the tunnel I saw a light and when I got there I realized that I was in the future.” 

Hakan Nordkvist claimed that he had travelled to the year 2042 and had met his future 72 year old self. He said that he had few conversations with his future self about things that only he would know. He went on to say, “ I don’t care if people think I am a liar, I know I am not. I met myself in the future and I was fine. That’s all I know.” 

This is Hakan Nordkvist.

Okay so now the interesting part about his story. When i went into the future and met his future self he had his phone with him and recorded a video of him and his 72 year old self together and they were seen smiling and also comparing their tattoos. Here are a few stills from that video.

Now some people believe his story to be true and some believe he is just another guy with a made up story who wants fame. 

What do you think?Comment down below.

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OK, if this happened in 2006, he should have documented some events that have already happened. Did he?

Mr. Earth

Well, you have got a point. we are not sure about the story whether this one is true or not. we just want to share this one. Thank you