Top 5 Really Strange Creatures Found In Mariana Trench!

Top 5 Really Strange Creatures Found In Mariana Trench!

The Marianas Trench remains one of the most unexplored places on planet Earth till now. The mysterious underwater mountain range is the deepest place on Earth still not easily accessed for extended research. Not only is the trench deeper than Mt. Everest is tall, which makes researching it all the more difficult, but the amount of pressure and lack of light keep the Marianas Trench dark and cold.

Here are some really strange creatures that have been found there. 

Let’s get started.

Comb Jellies

Visually captivating, Comb Jellies are gelatinous creatures with luminous body structures as they diffract any light that falls upon them. They use their comblike plates to move around in the water. While they please the eyesight, these underwater marvels are voracious predators, even attacking their own kind sometimes. Some may be as tiny as a few millimetres, ranging up to nearly 5 feet long. 

Barreleye Fish

Like a clear plastic bag failing at hiding any of its contents, the Barreleye Fish’s transparent head reveals all of its contents filled with fluid. This membrane also protects the fish from stings when it preys on the jellyfish. Its flat fins help it stay completely still and move with absolute precision in the dark seas. Despite lurking in astonishing depths of the ocean, the fascinating creature has been picked up in fishing nets. 

Frilled Shark

As if other sharks were not scary enough, in comes the Frilled Shark, a truly chilling phenomenon. Its name can be attributed to its frilled gills, of which it has 6 or 7, as compared to the usual 5. With a slender snake-like body, the shark looks more like an eel. Apart from its entire physique, the most eerie feature of this shark is its set of 300 teeth! Despite the fact that this shark lives at least 5000 metres below the surface, it was one of the first deep-sea animals to be discovered, in the 19th century.

Black Seadevil/ Seadevil Angler Fish

Any fan of Finding Nemo might quickly recognise this fish. Featured as a scary creature in the film, the Black seadevil is just as terrifying in real life. Sharp teeth, gaping mouth and eyes exploding out of their sockets; this angler fish is known for its luminous antenna-like muscle protruding from its head. This light attracts its prey into close vicinity for an easy catch. An interesting and potentially scarring fact, the black seadevil reproduces when the male fuses into the female and lives off her resources until it can produce sperm.

Dumbo Octopus

Flappy ears, deep-set eyes and eight tiny tentacles; named after the Disney favourite, the Dumbo Octopus is arguably the most eye-soothing sight, found at least 9,800 metres under the sea in the Mariana trench. Hardly spooky, these adorable 8-12 inch creatures stream through the ocean by flapping their ears. Charming as they may be, the dumbo octopus is a predator that can swallow its prey in one gulp. 

So yeah that is it for today. Which of these you found the most weird? Comment down below.

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