Top 7 Indian Web Series To Add To Your List

Top 7 Indian Web Series To Add To Your List

Since Corona is still out there so some of us might be quarantined and many of us doing WFM(work from home) somewhere we all deserve some sort of entertainment in our lives, don’t we?

Yes so here we are today with our list of top 7 Indian web series that will definitely make your time at home entertaining.

So let’s get started.

1.Mirzapur (IMDB-8.4)

Akhandanand Tripathi made millions exporting carpets and became the mafia   boss of Mirzapur. His son Munna, an unworthy, power-hungry heir, stops at nothing to continue his father’s legacy. And a shocking incident at a wedding procession ignites a series of events entangling the lives of two families in the lawless city of Mirzapur. There are 2 seasons of this amazing series.

2.The Family Man (IMDB-8.6)

Srikant Tiwari is a middle-class man who also serves as a world-class spy. Srikant tries to balance his familial responsibilities with the demands of the highly secretive special cell of the National Intelligence Agency that he is working for. Trying to protect the whole nation from terrorism and hidning this secret job from your family to make a balance is not that easy, dont’ you think so?

3.TVF Pitchers (IMDB-9.1)

TVF Pitchers is a story of a group of friends who want to start their own start up which they planned in their college days. So what are all the odds they have to go through? Will they succeed? How easy is it to be an entrepreneur? Will their friend be tested? And most importantly what all sacrifices will they have to make? Find out for yourself.

4.Sacred Games (IMDB-8.7)

When police officer Sartaj Singh receives an anonymous tip about the location of criminal overlord Ganesh Gaitonde, he embarks on a chase around Mumbai in what becomes a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. Amidst the chaos, trappings of a corrupt underworld are revealed. After being removed from the Gaitonde case, Singh begins his own investigation as he works to save Mumbai from impending doom. Flashbacks reveal some of the crimes that Gaitonde has committed through the years.

5.Kota Factory (IMDB-9.1)

Another masterpiece from TVF which also happens to be the first black and white web series in India. Kota Factory is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language web series directed by Raghav Subbu for The Viral Fever. The show follows the life of 16-year-old Vaibhav who moves to Kota from Itarsi. This one will take you back to your old days and will teach some important lessons for life. 

6.Asur (IMDB-8.4)

Asur is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language crime thriller web series produced by Tanveer Bookwala of Ding Entertainment for the video on demand platform Voot.  The series is set in current times and revolves around serial killings. Arshad Warsi made his web debut in this series. So basically it is an unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology.

7.Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story (IMDB-9.6)

Based on 1992 Indian stock market scam committed by stockbroker Harshad Mehta, the series is adapted from journalist Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu’s 1993 book The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away. By far this one is the highest rated web series on IMDB today. And it totally deserves its place. Such a masterpiece to watch. I suggest you watch this one on your free weekend or else it might get in your way to work.

So yeah there you have it. Top 7 websites to make your life at home more entertaining. 

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